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Family Fun Night—An effective key to significant family times together


Fun with Daughters & Sons—Create the ultimate fun adventure for daughters and sons


Outdoor Adventure—Explore the great outdoors with your son or daughter


Science Corner—Fun and educational resources Dad can use to inspire and teach the kids


Gifts to Remember—Truly meaningful gift-giving options for your family and beyond


Pop's Top Stories & Books—Some of the best family-picked read-aloud books


Character Corner—Valuable resources you can use to equip your children in character


Building Up Dad—Great encouragement for Dads on the way to becoming Heroes

HeroDads Events

HeroDads has as our purpose "To help men regain a vision of themselves as the relational-spiritual leaders of their homes, so they may equip the next generation to be a blessing to their families and a light to the nations." Click here to read more on our purpose and dreams in ministry and tentmaking.

In accordance with this purpose, we will continue to be involved in conventions, retreats, seminars, and other life-changing events in California and nearby states in the near future.

Here is our basic itinerary for the next few months of 2005. We hope to see you at one of these events.

Upcoming Events

Event Location Dates
CHEA Bay Area Santa Clara, CA To be announced
CHEC Colorado Denver, CO TBA
CHEA Southern California Ontario, CA TBA
Utah Homeschool Convention Utah TBA
AFHE Phoenix, AZ TBA
Father-Son Retreat Joshua Tree Nat. Park, CA To be announced

Previous Events

Event Location Dates
AFHE Phoenix, AZ July 2004
CHEC Colorado Denver, CO June 2004
CFS San Diego San Diego, CA May 2004
Building Dads & Sons Retreat Guajome Park, San Diego, CA May 2004
CHEA Bay Area Santa Clara, CA April 2004

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