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Air Hogs Room Raider R/C Airplane

From Our Latest Top Secret Newsletter:


Space Travel

By Dave Bower

Being a father is a tough job. Most dads I talk with feel the need of Daily Dose of Encouragement. (That's me, too!) So, Pops, here's one for you today. With renewed talk of a manned mission to Mars, this one caught my eye:

A child wrote a letter to the president of the United States and said, "Dear Mister President..."

...Click here to read more

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HeroDads.com “Helping Dads Become Heroes”.

HeroDads is an organization devoted to the equipping and encouragement of fathers worldwide. We believe that fun is God’s key to the door to our children’s hearts, making possible all the training, correction, parenting, and direction we so desire to pass on to next generation. Accordingly, we provide creative tools, fun ideas, and valuable tips, resources and inspiration that can help you, dad, become hero to your family.

Our website, HeroDad’s.com is designed to be a place daddy goes for ideas tips resources encouragement and much more to help you and your father had adventure force command our website, Herodads.com is designed to be a place daddy goes for ideas, tips, resources, encouragement and much more to help you in your fatherhood adventure. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and request a copy of our catalog (both free). You’ll find archived articles and a listing of some of the best books to read and discuss with your children, as well as links to other sites and organizations with the likeminded goal of raising godly children. In upcoming months, we hope to add a forum for dads to discuss important issues, and additional articles from godly men and a host of other improvements. Join us in the great fatherhood adventure.

Order online securely from a variety of tools, toys, and other resources; unique items to stimulate and delight your children’s imagination (and your own):  For starters, make sure to check out the HeroDads Family Fun Night SuperKit, including the Airzooka, a giant 3’ Mega Balloon, fascinating Tornado Tube, Grow Snow (Insta Snow), and more. For outdoor fun, our Play at the Park SuperKit can’t be beat, including the unbelievable X-Zylo, Biggest Bubbles (Bubble Thing), Pop-Up Port-a-Bug, and an Aerobie Squidgie flying disc. Each SuperKit includes some of the most fun and surprising toys and activities our family has discovered and enjoyed together along with an exclusive HeroDads Adventure Guide, chock-full of tips and strategies for making the most of indoor or outdoor recreation time with your family. Into outdoor adventures? Don’t miss the Princeton Tec Aurora LED Headlamp, our genuine fur coonskin cap, and high quality Aussie Broad-Brim Hat, to name a few. Perhaps your kids love science. They’re sure to enjoy our remarkable Mega Magnet, Air Burst Rocket System, and Precision Gyroscope. If that weren’t enough, a large part of the web site is devoted to quality books, CD’s, tapes, videos, DVD’s and other media that make great gifts for dad, mom, son or daughter. We’re sure you can find a something just right for a friend, coworker, or even Grandpa and Grandma! Our library assortment ranges from lighthearted stories for your younger kids to character training materials to riveting, fast-paced biographies that will engage your teenagers. And encouraging, challenging books for Dad especially to read and benefit from. An ever-broadening selection ensures you’ll always find something new and rewarding. Family or individual special time will never be the same! A partial listing of the titles we offer is as follows: Bruchko, Anchor Man, Equipping Men, Equipped to Love, The Hands-On Dad, Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends, The Power of True Success, The Read-N’-Grow Picture Bible, and our favorite biographies, Nate Saint, George Washington, George Muller, Corrie ten Boom, and Clara Barton by Janet and Geoff Benge from the Christian Heroes and Heroes of History sets, just to name a few. Here are some of the brand names we carry and a couple we hope to carry: Aero Motion, Can You Imagine, Barth Family Ministries, Be Amazing Toys/ Steve Spangler Science, The Science Connection, Fizz Bang Science, Henschel Hats, Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), Insect Lore, Klutz, Inc, The Learning Parent, Master Magnetics, Princeton Tec, Sling Wing, Spirit of Elijah Ministries, Superflight, Small World Toys, Tedco, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Tomorrow’s Forefatherss, Tweber, William Mark Corporation, YWAM Publishing, Vision Forum, Lamplighter Publishing, Mantle Ministries.

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We want not only to provide fun ideas for dads but be a launching pad into fatherhood success. Here are a number of other sites and organizations with a similar heart for multigenerational relationship building. Spirit of Elijah ministries with Norm Wakefield, Vision Forum Ministries/ Vision Forum, Inc, with Doug Phillips, Bold Christian Living with Jonathan Lindvall, Mantle Ministries with Richard “Little Bear” Wheeler, Focus on the Family/ Focus on Your Child with Dr. James Dobson, Restore the Family Ministries with Jake Simpson, Josh McDowell Ministries, Monte Swan, Whole Heart Ministries with Sally and Clay Clarkson, The Learning Parent with Rick and Marilyn Boyer, Lamplighter Publising with Mark Hamby, IBLP/ ATI/ Character First! with Bill Gothard, History Alive! with Diana Waring, Homeschool Digest/ An Encouraging Word magazines with Israel Wayne, Homeschooling Today magazine, No Greater Joy Ministries with Michael and Debi Pearl, Barth Family Ministries with Jeff and Marge Barth, Practical Homeschooling magazine, The Old Schoolhouse magazine, Homeschool Enrichment magazine. Although we appreciate these organizations, we cannot guarantee full agreement on all issues, of course.

If you are not ready to make a purchase today, be sure to order a HeroDads catalog. Most of our encouraging, helpful products and toys can be found inside on the site as well as some great hints and helps for Dad. HeroDads.com is the online presence of the company, HeroDads, Inc. Common misspellings of HeroDads, Inc. are Hero Dad, HeroDad, Hero Dads, Hear O Dad, Hear O Dads, HearODad, HearODads, Heroes Dad, Heroic Dad. © Copyright 2004 HeroDads, Inc.